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Why Donna Goodman Productions?

About Donna


An action-oriented visionary with 'real-world' experience in International Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and empowering and engaging children and their communities to take local action for global change!!!

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A Rainbow of Possibility


There are billions of unique colors in the rainbow, all working together in symphonic harmony. Every drop of water is the prism which enables us to 'see' the 'invisible' forces of the universe. Working together all things are possible!

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Living in Love


The middle of nowhere is everywhere... 60+ countries, 1000's+ hours in planes, trains and automobiles... Donna learns from the most amazing children, their families, natural phenomena and circumstances. 

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What We Do?

Creative consulting.


Real results are sustainable. Old solutions can never solve new problems! Benefit from global/local understanding earned through decades of international development work.

Mother Earth and Me


Hands-on, minds-on educational tools designed to engage the youngest of ages in fun and stimulating ways. Professional development for preschool and early elementary school teachers.



A global band of gifted teens from every part of the world join to face dangerous forces of destruction and disaster in an emotional and action-packed adventure to do no less than save life on Earth.

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Learning and Sharing Stories


Every body counts, every drop matters!  North/south/east west, each and every person everywhere has a story and the lessons we can learn by listening are vast. 

Earth Child Institute


Empowering today for a sustainable tomorrow, Earth Child Institute has been a leader in education for sustainable development on the global stage for more than 16 years.

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Sustainable living in the Amazon


Donna and team are deeply honored to be invited to develop an international environmental training center in the HEART/EARTH in the Amazon region of Brazil by the Munduruku indigenous peoples. 

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