Global Program Director

Donna's international leadership and programmatic experience about water, air, sanitation and trees on Earth in public (UNICEF, UNEP, UNDP) and private (Swarovski, Turner Broadcasting) sectors are ready to support your company and/or country to identify and program for sustainable change, with and for children. 

Check out Donna's message as key speaker for the September 2019 International Conference on Sustainability Education in New Delhi, India

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Executive Producer

Content and background information and executive producer, together with David Koch of the world's first short film on Climate Change and Children for UNICEF presentation in Bali, 2007; A series of short animation film public service messages (Flintstones, Johnny Bravo and Sponge Bob Square Pants) for Cartoon Network Latin America; and most recently for the Swarovski Waterschool documentary film, premiered at Sundance Film Festival and the World Economic Forum in Davos.  The film, entitled 'Waterschool' is now available on Netflix, featuring the stories of girls and water in five countries.

Elemental Heroes

Building from her first documentary film, Donna Goodman Productions is consulting with top digital media/entertainment/virtual reality industry leaders to bring the stories of girls... and boys from more than sixty countries on every continent on Earth in an interactive and entertaining way.


Although truth is stranger than fiction, the Ecomasters embelish today's situation into tomorrow's reality!!!.  Registered with the Screenwriters Guild in 2012 and in pre-production today. Seven pre-teen heroes hailing from diverse economic, environmental, social and political threats and opportunities race to an ancient Earth hub, hidden in the depths of the Amazon. This adventure is nothing short of epic and the fate of human life on Earth is in the balance.

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A vast vision for clean water, healthy food, adaptation to increase resilience to increasing severity of natural disasters through interactive media, books and global training requires a huge influx of resources.

If you feel called to join the team as an investor, co-producer, trainer, educator or some other role... you are welcome and we need your energy, experience and ideas. 

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There are 2.2 billion people under the age of 18 on Earth today and through each drop of water and every tree, we intend to activate each and every one toward a peaceful, sustainable world.

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